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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random acts of Kindness

I like this topic that is going around.

Some random acts of kindness I have done in the last week.
Sent cards out to prospective clients for my cleaning business. 
Did half of my daughters dishes on Friday. Friday is her day to do dishes.
Scratched my sons back...
Took the kids to my moms house so she didn't have to come and get them.

Random acts of kindness others did for me.
Fellow blogger talked to me on the phone for a couple hours. She is a  sweet lady.
People have held the door for me at church and a store.
Someone is asking me for an opinon on a job we are to do by the end of the month.

God is great!  I thank him for everyday.. good and bad...

My husband and I dancing the polka 2 years ago on our 25th Anniversary.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My computer has died.

We have been dealing with the heat.. and getting ready for county fair.  Pre fair judging is next week and the kids need to get their woodworking products finished so the can dry by next Friday.

We are getting ready for school to start, which is the same day the fair is. Public school and county fair starts September 1st.  My high school kids go to public school.  I am getting ready for homeschooling my 3 younger kids starting Sept. 8th. , just after county fair.  The weekend after that we are going to CA for my daughters college graduation, and the weekend after is my L'Bri conference.  The 4th weekend in September my  college graduate gets married .  We are having a barn dance at our home for the reception..

So going to the library  to go on the computer everyday is not in the schedule.  I hope that I can find a computer that does what I want and I can afford.

I hope those of you that are still enjoying summer have fun. Those of you that are starting school have a good year.

For those of you that pray.. could you please pray for 4 special people in my life that need to learn respect for God and or their family members.

Take care,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dull itchy skin driving you crazy?

Is your skin dull-- have you been wondering why your skin itches..?

Dull itchy lifeless skin most likely means that you have dead skin cells.

You wash your face and body and you think that you are clean...

Well I ask you to take the 7 day trial to see if L'Bri can bring your

skin back to life.  Many people who have taken the L'Bri challenge

have younger looking skin... Spouses and children even notice the difference.

You will enjoy having healthy skin using L'Bri Pure and Natural Aloe based skincare

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I love L'bri

I learned about L'Bri pure and natural about 7 years ago... I went to a direct marketing fair...
Met a very nice L'Bri consultant that gave me a sample of  L'Bri.  I took it home and loved it from day 1.

L'bri has help my skin look young and soft.  It has help some scaring go away. It has balanced
out the oil glands and now many people  think I am 10 years younger than I am...  My kids
friends cannot believe  that I am way older than their parents because my skin is not wrinkle or dry.
The aloe gives you energy in the mid afternoon. 

So I started sharing L'Bri pure and natural with everyone who knows how important it is to take
care of  their face.  You will feel wonderful knowing that your face is getting healthier and also,
helping others make some money to help out with the family bills.  

So let me help you live the American dream while having beautiful skin.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are you looking to live the American Dream

 L'Bri is for you if you.

Like helping people
you are friendly
you only like using natural products on your skin
you would like to earn an income
you like the fact that aloe is healing to your skin.

want to live the American Dream

Itchy Mosquitoes

Have you ever used aloe to get rid if the sting and itch of mosquito bites?

This year we have been using aloe for mosquito bites.  The aloe that goes
deep into your skin to heal your skin also, goes down and pulls out the
poison to and releaves the itch... We have use it all summer and it releaves
the itch and leave no scaring.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What do you want to know about L'Bri or skincare in general?

Today I am looking for what you want to learn about skincare.  What kinds of things do you want to hear about?
Is there any thing that you want me to find out about L'Bri skincare products?

I am here to give you the information that you want...