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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy weekend.

Friday I spend sending cards.  They are so fun to make.

Saturday morning I spent time with my 4-H knitting kids.
It is so much fun.  One of my boy knitters made a knit hat
and now he is going to make a checker board blanket
and checkers.  How fun is that !

Saturday night my husband and I went to see the 3Penny Opera
at the college in town. It was fun. We haven't be to a play in 27 years.
The kids are growing up and now we can start having fun again.

Sunday we went to church, had a wonderful lunch and then
played the game of  Life with the kids and watch a movie on Micheal Angelou
and Leonardo DaVinci.  I didn't know that Leonardo was also,
and inventor.
We also, watch NASCAR.  I am not much into that so I was knitting
my sweater. I have about half of it finished.   I am having so much fun
with knitting again like I did when I was a kid... years ago.

Send me a card or a note. I would love to hear from you. What did you
do for your weekend.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How are you spending the last days of winter.

I was enjoying the winter until this weekend. All the snow melted and then it rained.
Now we have ice everywhere.

I have been enjoying share send out cards with people.  It is a fun easy way to make someone
happy.  Write out a card, put in a picture, send it with a gift if  you like and then hit send.
I can send out cards to anyone I like and then will smile when they get the card.

Let me know how  you are spending the last days of winter.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Reasons to use L'Bri skincare products

1.   Aloe is the first ingredient
      Aloe soothes and heals

2    Ingredients are herbs and botanicals

3.   Soft wonderful feeling skin

4.   30 day return policy on skincare

5.    Wonderful customer service

                                                           Gentle skincare set

Friday, February 11, 2011

13 Reasons to send a card.

Here are 13 reasons to send a card.

1. Friendship
   We have friends from long ago that we want to keep in contact with.
    Dear Mary Jane,
     Today I did something that reminded me of when we did xyz when
     we were younger... Touching base with you....

2. Family  picnic
     We have decided to start having a family reunion  so we can see each
     other at least once a year..  I have decided to plan the first get together....

3. I miss you
      We are so far apart and I miss you....

4.  Valentine's Day
       To my love of my life,   to my kids,  to someone special....

5.  Happy Easter
        May the love of Christ be with you on this feast day....

6.  Happy Graduation or any great accomplishment....
      You worked hard for this.....

7. Happy Birthday
      I remember the day your were born or any other sentiments ...

8.  Happy 4th of July...
         The party will be on..

9.   Mother's and Father's Day
           You are the best....

10  Happy Anniversary
         Could be for wedding,  business,  quitting a habit ie, smoking, bitting your finger nails...

11.  Congratulations on landing your first job.
          We are so proud/ happy for you...

12.   Happy Thanksgiving
            This year I am thankful for having you be part of my life...

13.   Just because.
          I thought of you and just wanted to say 'hi"

           Send Out Cards makes it easy for you to send a card for any occasion... just
             by writing it out on the computer and adding a picture and a gift and just hit send.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

List post on things I blog about Family, L'Bri, Send Out Cards

A.  L'bri pure and natural
    1. Aloe based
    2.  Natural skincare
    3.  Healing
    4.  Exfoliating
    5.  Good for males and females

B. Family
    1.  Fun times
     2. Home schooling
     3. 4-H
     4.  Church
     5.  Friendship

C.  Send Out Cards
    1. Make Friends
    2. Heal Friendships
    3. Show you care
    4.  Make money
    5. Congratulate


Day 1 elavator pitch

Short :  Family,  Love your skin, make others smile.

Long:  I share what my family has been up to,  My L'Bri natural skin care business
          and I make people smile through Send Out Cards

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Five steps to Rejuvenate dry skin.

Dry skin is very irritating especially in the winter months.

Here is what many people find help give life back to your skin.

1.  Drink water,  Drink at least 8 - 8oz glasses of water a day.
    Some say drink half your weight in ounces of water each day.

2. Humidify your home... if not during the day, make sure you
     humidify at night.  What we find works well is to put a damp
     towel in each room that someone is sleeping in.  By morning
     the towel is dry and everyones throats and nose are still hydrated
     and helps prevent bloody noses.

3.  Take warm, not hot showers or baths... While in the shower, use
    an exfoliater.   Ex foliating can be done,
     with L'Bri's ground almond exfoliator  and/or loofa sponge, or
    wash cloth.  Use them gently to remove all the dead skin.  Dry skin
     is dead skin.  The more dead skin is removed,  the better you will feel.

4. .When you get out of the shower pat part - way dry and then put on an
     aloe base lotion body butter.  The aloe will bring moisture down into your
    skin to  heal and moisturize your skin. Using Aloe is proactive in keeping
    your skin moisturized.  Don't just use Aloe when you skin is sore or dry.

5. To heal dry skin use pure aloe... If you let your skin crack, and dry out to
     much it will be come irritated.  Irritated skin eventually, become infected.
     If this happens, put on pure aloe for a few days and it should heal.  

Remember your skin needs moisture. So keep it healthy with water and aloe.


                                                                      Try our aloe based products today.