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Friday, July 30, 2010

May I help you get the skincare sets on sale. Last day

Saturday is the last day to get sets on sale.  I know many of you are ready to order and now is the great time to do so.  Let me know how I can help you with you beautiful skin. 

Helping you is my job.

my email is returntoplants  at yahoo  dot com

Looking forward to helping you.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 things I am thankful for today

1.  I am thankful for God taking care of my family
2.  I am thankful for my husband who takes care of us and earns a living.
3.  I am thankful for all the talents of my 9 children that keep my life interesting.
4.  I am thankful for my sil's and my granddaughter.
5.  I am thankful for my garden that gives me fresh veggies to eat.
6.  I am thankful for my L'Bri skincare business so I can help people protect and heal their skin.
7.  I am thankful for friends to help carry burdens and happy times.
8.  I am thankful for the flowers on my kitchen table.
9.  I am thankful for the peace that I had the last 2 weeks while my kids were off to camp.
10.  I am thankful that my kids are coming home today.

Try a sample of L'bri skincare today.  Your skin will thank you.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July sales

Basic Set 1 and Basic set 2 come with a cool butterfly bag  and one of the serums for $15.95. What a great value.  Anyone ordering one of these two sets before the end of  July I will get give you a purse size hand and body lotion.

Anyone ordering a trio by the end of July I will give them 3 small sample packets of aloe.

Go here to order.  
Anyone with any question email me at returntoplants  at  yahoo dot com
IF you are already a customer, use your user name and pass word.
If you are a new customer, on front page start  with new customer section.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharing blogs of Friends who also like herbs and botanicals.

My friend Bea has wonderful herb garden.. I love using her herbs for tea.  Bea and I both believe in using natural products for  our health.  Check her out here.. let her know that Debbie's L'Bri sent you.  Bea also, has a vintage store if you are interested in these types of things.

My friend Wendy  has a blog with a home business, too.   Wendy has a free spiritual guidance  series and also, a Grandma's natural healing products that she makes.  Catch her here.... tell her the Debbie's L'Bri sent you..

I love to support people that are returning to God and nature.  If  you  have or know of a blog or company that falls into this category... leave me a note.  In the mean time check out Bea, Wendy and My products and help us help our families as we help you with your families health. Have a good day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

List of properties in drinking aloe

1. Blood purifier
2. Detox colon
3.  Reduces swelling and pain
4.  Anti Bacterial properties

5.  Does not allow in infection
6.  Heals ulcers
7. Clears bowels
8.  Help IBS

Give it a try

Monday, July 19, 2010

Elevator pitch for my blog

My blog is about natural skincare.  Helping people have healthier skin with aloe, herbs and
botanicals.  It is, also, about some of the antic's  of my family.

I forgot the free butterfly bag....

My   post  last week I forgot about the free butterfly bag and  the savings the the Maxifirm, Time Erase or the Dermaplex A  for only $15.95.  I think the heat made my brain go dead....  Please let me know what I can help you with.  

Love your skin... L'Bri pure and natural skincare.

Friday, July 16, 2010

July brings you set sales. If you have been waiting .. here is your time.

Basic Skin Care Set 1
Trio for your skin type
Eye repair gel
Exfoliating Face and Body scrub  Sale price $81.50  save ($14.50) (with the set you get a butterfly bag free, and also  you may get Maxifirm, or Dermaplex A, or Time erase for $15.95 which is a saving of $19 to $25 )

Basic Skin care Set 2
Trio for your skin type
Eye Repair Gel
Rejuvenating Enzyme Faical Peel  Sale price $97.50  save($18.00) 
(with the set you get a butterfly bag free, and also  you may get Maxifirm, or Dermaplex A, or Time erase for $15.95 which is a saving of $19 to $25 )
Trio for your skin type  Sale $48.00 (save $4.00)

Face and Body Mist... Sale $16.95 (save $3.00)

These sale prices are good until the last day of  July at 11pm Central time.
Let me know if you need any help ordering...

Debbie's L'Bri site

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coming tomorrow Christmas in July

What I wish people would have told me about working from home and having kids

10)  I wish people would have told me that holding a baby is more important then getting things done.
9)    I wish people would have told me that it is easier to work at home at a computer when the baby is little
        and once they are toddlers it is easier  to work when daddy is home.
8)    I wish that they would have told me that it cost some money to work at home.
7)    I wish people would have told me that 4 year olds and older can help you with your business. ie stamps etc.
6)   I wish that someone would have told me that getting out with 3 little ones is hard.
5)   I wish that I would have been told that having time to my self was important for sanity.
4)   I wish someone would have told me that having stay at home mom neighbors are none existent .
3)   I wish someone told me that working at home many times is hard.
2)   I wish someone told me that being a sales person is hard when you don't have the gift of gab.
1)   I wish that someone told me that going outside of your comfort zone is a smart thing to do.

We finally have a new thermostat!

Last night my husband put in our new thermostat. This one tells you what the humity is.
Last night it was 77%..   We all slept well.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still doing without a/c

Some day we will get the thermostat fixed.  Today it is a bit muggy..........

I am really enjoying my L'Bri masque.  It is so healing to my skin and helps
with  saggy (turkey gobble).

Hope you all are doing well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hubby is home safely.

MY husband got home last night... Everything went well. We still have one more week of running and the girls go to camp. One goes in one week and then other in two weeks.  The house will be quiet with just boys...

Last night the kids won their last soft ball game.  They have the all-star game on Wednesday and the tournament on the last Saturday of July.

Tomorrow is my oldest sons 22nd birthday.. Please pray for him one his special day.

I love using my aloe products on the sun skin and bug bites.

Take care.. all...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4-H shooting sports over for the year.

We had 4-H shooting sports shoot off this morning.  The kids did well and now on to finish the other
4-H projects before Labor Day weekend.

Asking prayers for my husbands safe return from Europe tomorrow.  Hope you all are doing well.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No a/c and L'Bri amazing

Our A/C is still broken and the humidity has been high all week.  The amazing thing that I found out is
that when I use my skincare consistently including moisturizer in this humidity is that I still sweat, but
it is only sweat... I don't feel slimy like it did before using skincare. 

During the parade on Sunday we got sun burnt.  When we got home we used the aloe and hand and body lotion
and no one peeled.   At night, the WI birds (mosquitoes) came out and bit everyone except my 11 year old (I guess she isn't as sweet as the rest of us ).  The penetrating power of the aloe took the itch away.

Even tho the A/C isn't working we are staying cool with showers and cool fruit to eat.  Hope you all are keeping cool....   And if you are in need of natural skincare let me know...

Happy Summer 

Monday, July 5, 2010

New flooring in the bathroom

We are putting new flooring in the bathroom today.  The old stuff has been curling up for over a year.  My husband is  going to Europe tomorrow until Sunday.  For a guy who hardly ever traveled... he is doing more all the time. Please pray for his safety.

In the mean time I get to take over all the kid running this week that has to do with 4-H baseball, trap shooting and air rifle.  I am cleaning for an elderly person this week. and also making calls for my L'Bri business.

I hope the the weather cools alittle seeing as our a/c is not working. It is warm but we will be fine.

I hope you all had a safe 4th of July. We enjoyed the parade at 11am.  We didn't go to the fireworks this year because the kids decided to shoot off little fire crackers instead.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have been up to.

Friday, July 2, 2010

NEW SHOW ON THE GO Hostess Rewards

returntoplants   at  yahoo  dot com

Show on the Go Hostesses can earn as much as 25% of Show Sales in FREE Products. Just as L’BRI Hostesses earn FREE product rewards for opening their homes to you and their guests, your Show on the Go Hostesses earn rewards as well.  The higher the Show sales, the more rewards they earn.  
The popular L'BRI Show on the Go is a fun and easy way for a busy Hostess to earn FREE L'BRI products. Your Show on the Go Hostesses may earn 10% all the way up to 25% in FREE products.  In fact, the amount of FREE products that can be earned is unlimited.  
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with Show Sales. At the $900 and higher level, Show 
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for all levels.  
Show on the Go is an easy, fast way to earn product rewards:

 $300 - $499 @ 10% + $6.75 S&H 
$500 - $699 @ 15% + $6.75 S&H
$700 - $899 @ 20% + $6.75 S&H
$900 and up @ 25% + $6.75 S&H

Show on the Go Hostesses simply share their love of
L'BRI products by providing a L'BRI catalog to their family
, friends, co-workers etc. and collects orders for you; her
L'BRI Consultant.  By sharing the Show on the
Go order form with family, friends, and acquaintances,
your Show on the Go Hostess can earn lots of FREE products.
Anytime is a great time for a Show on The Go. It is especially 
appealing to those hostesses who would love to receive free 
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your customer base!  Either way Show on the Go is a win for 
you and your hostess.
This new Show on the Go now better compliments our regular
in home Shows with reward levels as well as the redemption process.

The wonders of aloe on sun burn

I was lawn mowing on Tuesday and on Wednesday we went to the Milwaukee Brewer's baseball game.
I ended up getting slightly sun burnt.  The aloe in our hand and body lotion is so soothing and I can keep putting
water over the lotion all day.  I am not peeling on bit.

                                                        Aloe jelly