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Friday, July 2, 2010

NEW SHOW ON THE GO Hostess Rewards

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Show on the Go Hostesses can earn as much as 25% of Show Sales in FREE Products. Just as L’BRI Hostesses earn FREE product rewards for opening their homes to you and their guests, your Show on the Go Hostesses earn rewards as well.  The higher the Show sales, the more rewards they earn.  
The popular L'BRI Show on the Go is a fun and easy way for a busy Hostess to earn FREE L'BRI products. Your Show on the Go Hostesses may earn 10% all the way up to 25% in FREE products.  In fact, the amount of FREE products that can be earned is unlimited.  
For Show on the Go sales between $300 and $499, your Show 
on the Go Hostess earns 10% of Show sales. For Show on the 
Go sales between $500 and $699, your Show on the Go 
Hostess earns 15% of Show sales. Rewards increase incrementally
with Show Sales. At the $900 and higher level, Show 
on the Go Hostesses earn 25% of Show sales! See chart below
for all levels.  
Show on the Go is an easy, fast way to earn product rewards:

 $300 - $499 @ 10% + $6.75 S&H 
$500 - $699 @ 15% + $6.75 S&H
$700 - $899 @ 20% + $6.75 S&H
$900 and up @ 25% + $6.75 S&H

Show on the Go Hostesses simply share their love of
L'BRI products by providing a L'BRI catalog to their family
, friends, co-workers etc. and collects orders for you; her
L'BRI Consultant.  By sharing the Show on the
Go order form with family, friends, and acquaintances,
your Show on the Go Hostess can earn lots of FREE products.
Anytime is a great time for a Show on The Go. It is especially 
appealing to those hostesses who would love to receive free 
L'BRI products but may not be able to host an in home show. 
 Show on the Go is also a great opportunity for you to expand
your customer base!  Either way Show on the Go is a win for 
you and your hostess.
This new Show on the Go now better compliments our regular
in home Shows with reward levels as well as the redemption process.

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Tina Peterson said...

Hi Debbie - I'm following you now. I really like how your blog is set up. I sell children's books and I like how you have the Show on the Go set up. I never even thought to put that on my blog.

Have you gotten any business from your blog yet? I'm hoping that my blog will help set me up (in people's minds) as a professional.

I have an online FB page for women in business at:!/pages/Women-Supporting-Women-in-Business/115890625107805

I'd love to have you join us!

Tina "The Book Lady"