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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No a/c and L'Bri amazing

Our A/C is still broken and the humidity has been high all week.  The amazing thing that I found out is
that when I use my skincare consistently including moisturizer in this humidity is that I still sweat, but
it is only sweat... I don't feel slimy like it did before using skincare. 

During the parade on Sunday we got sun burnt.  When we got home we used the aloe and hand and body lotion
and no one peeled.   At night, the WI birds (mosquitoes) came out and bit everyone except my 11 year old (I guess she isn't as sweet as the rest of us ).  The penetrating power of the aloe took the itch away.

Even tho the A/C isn't working we are staying cool with showers and cool fruit to eat.  Hope you all are keeping cool....   And if you are in need of natural skincare let me know...

Happy Summer 


LV said...

I have a big plant like that. It is truly one of the best for any type burns. I hate your AC is out. I would not be able to stay home here if that happens. So hot and humid.

Time4Mommy said...

I hope your AC gets fixed soon.
Aloe is amazing stuff. We even drink the juice to heal our insides.

Genny said...

Oh gosh... so sorry to hear about your A/C! Hope it's fixed soon.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Our biting insects are starting now too. I need something to take the itch away ASAP!