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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I wish people would have told me about working from home and having kids

10)  I wish people would have told me that holding a baby is more important then getting things done.
9)    I wish people would have told me that it is easier to work at home at a computer when the baby is little
        and once they are toddlers it is easier  to work when daddy is home.
8)    I wish that they would have told me that it cost some money to work at home.
7)    I wish people would have told me that 4 year olds and older can help you with your business. ie stamps etc.
6)   I wish that someone would have told me that getting out with 3 little ones is hard.
5)   I wish that I would have been told that having time to my self was important for sanity.
4)   I wish someone would have told me that having stay at home mom neighbors are none existent .
3)   I wish someone told me that working at home many times is hard.
2)   I wish someone told me that being a sales person is hard when you don't have the gift of gab.
1)   I wish that someone told me that going outside of your comfort zone is a smart thing to do.


Julia said...

great post. i remember, when i was little, my mom used to do some work from home and we used to help her label envelopes and stamp envies all the time!!

Julia said...

oh, and thanks for linking up and playing along! can you grab the button or link back to me next time!! Thanks! ;)

Buckeroomama said...

I work from home, too, and these are all oh so true. :)

McVal said...

No kidding! I do have another work from home mom just up the street but she's always busy too. We've gotten together for lunch just once.
I'm the one they scrub lipstick off the school bus for on the first day of school...

Jennifer T said...

i agree with the fact that stay at home neighbors are non existent. I am so grateful for my "neighbors" in the internet!

BeaK. said...

I like this Debbie...there are many times when I think..." I wish someone had had told me....."

I guess learning things the hard way is supposed make more of a lasting impression...just seems a shame to waste so many good years being out of the koop of "smart." or informed.

Good luck my friend~

Sweet Mummy said...

This is a great list! I've thought of these things, too.

Following from Mom Bloggers! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! :)