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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to do when the furnace kicks on?

Winter is  a fun time of the year.  With the fun of the snow and and winter activities, comes time to turn on

the furnace and closing of the windows. The furnace does many things to the human body that makes people

sick. The first thing that it does is dry out the membranes in our body. It severely dries out our face, throat and

the rest of our bodies.. We must learn to drink at least 8oz. of water everyday to help hydrate our whole

body and if need be put damp cloths  where the furnace vent is blowing . This will help to some degree to

prevent extremely dry skin.  The other thing to do is to  make sure that you use aloe based skin care products.

 Aloe penetrates into the skin and draws water down into your skin.  The drawing down of water will

rehydrate your skin so you don't have extremely dry skin.   So to prevent your body from extremely dry skin,

drink 8oz. of water and use aloe based skin care.


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