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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dry baby skin

Why do babies have dry skin?

The1st reason that babies have dry skin is when they are born... nurses whisk the babies away from the moms.
One of the first things the nurses do is wash off the the white waxy film the baby has on from birth.  The white waxy film is called vernix.  Vernix protects the babies skin and keeps it soft and moist.  This vernex should be gently rubbed into the babies skin.

The 2nd reason babies skin dry out is because of the harsh soaps that are used in the hospital and at home.  Detergents in the soaps take away natural oils in the skin.  Newborns do not need daily baths. When you do clean them up they pretty much only need warm water on a soft cloth.

The 3rd reason is the lotions that don't work.  Check your lotions-- do they have mineral oil in them or petroleum jelly? Both of these formulas do not let moisture penetrate the skin.

Babies with dry skin can be helped.

Step 1 Stop washing your baby with soap-   Soap irritates the skin and can be drying

Step 2 Get rid of any lotions that are not working.

Step 3 Find a Natural product that works on healing the skin.

Aloe has very healing properties.  L'Bri carries a product with Aloe Barbadensis Miller in it. This healing aloe does not have any of the green outer leaf to scratch the skin.  L'Bri uses only the filaied  inner part of the aloe plant.

L'Bri has a full 30 day, money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with how this Aloe Lotion works for your baby, simply return it for a full refund.

Aloe Jelly  4oz. $16.00
4 oz. $16.00

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