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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mixing Skin Care Products Can Lead to Confused Skin

Hundreds of skin-care products. So many choices. Which products work best?

Todays skin-care consumer is justifiably confused, especially those con- fronting difficult skin issues such as eczema; psoriasis; adult acne; skin rashes; excessively oily, flaky and itchy skin; a combination of dry and oily skin areas; rosacea; and even a combination of conditions. Many factors cause the skin to rebel: the environment, diet, medications, hormones, stress, and chemotherapy. Another is the mixing of products from various manufacturers

applying a hodge-podge of products not formulated to work together. Just as it is dangerous to combine home cleaning products, it can be damaging to combine skin care products from a variety of manufacturers.

Due to the extensive amount of skin care products on the market, consumers tend to purchase a mix of products and brands that synergistically dont work together. A typical vanity is stocked with a wide-range of brand names and products. Brand B moisturizer is applied after Brand A cleanser and Brand C anti-aging serum is used in conjunction with Brand D facial masque. One may ask: Is that a problem? The answer is a resounding,

Mixing Skin Care Products

Can Lead to Confused Skin

Linda Kaminski, Founder L'Bri Pure n Natural


Mixing brands and products may lead to a form of chemical warfare, and the skin is the victim. A skin-care manufacturer will formulate products within a specific pH balance range, blending ingredients that complement one another for best results. For example, the cleanser has a certain pH level and so does the freshener and moisturizer. The term pH refers to the measurement of

the acids and alkali in the skin. The amount of acid in the skin determines the skins resistance to bacteria.

However, one company's pH balance range may be quite different from the pH balance range of another manufacturer. One brand may not work in harmony with another brand. Mix and match brands and the result in the long run can be damaging. Skin that becomes off-balance and confused may develop blemishes, allergies, rashes, and any number of other skin conditions.

Using products that contain proven healing ingredients such as Aloe can be extremely beneficial to confused skin. Aloe, known as natures pharmacy, provides 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds, 20 essential minerals, 18 amino acids, and

12 vitamins. For those undergoing radiation therapy, Aloe can help ease painful treatment. Be sure to find and use products where Aloe is listed first on the list of ingredients.

Clear, smooth, healthy skin is the beginning of a beautiful, youthful look. The basis of healthy, beautiful skin is a

regular program of intelligent skin care.

Tips for a Life Time of

Healthy-Looking Skin:

Avoid mixing skin care products. Use a skin care system intended to work together to maintain the skins natural pH balance.

Drink plenty of water.

Don't use products containing drying alcohol.

Avoid cleansers that suds.

Avoid products containing artificial coloring agents, synthetic fragrances, parabens, propylene glycol, waxes, mineral oil, or sodium laurel sulfates.

Don't go to bed wearing make- up.

Increase fiber intake.

Don't smoke. Smoking constricts blood vessels, causing premature wrinkling.

Use natural based products.

Don't use soap as a skin cleanser. All skin types, by nature, are on the low pH side, or slightly acidic, measuring about

6 on the pH scale. One of the greatest enemies to the skins pH balance is soap because soap leaves the skin in an alkaline state that is receptive to bacteria.

Get your beauty sleep. Eight hours is best.

Think positive, healing thoughts.

The skin is a marvelous organ and responds quickly to kind- ness and care. When you care for your complexion it will do everything naturally possible to be soft, clear, healthy, and youthful in appearance.

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