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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is new at L'Bri

High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Treatment

We are very proud and excited to introduce to you our next innovative anti-aging product - designed to put the brakes on the aging process. Our new High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Treatment. After years of research and development we have perfected an incredible product that is packed full of antioxidants to help break the cycle of free radical damage which attacks our cells on a daily basis. To better understand how L'Bri's Night Repair Treatment works we first need to understand what free radicals are and what they can do to our skin.

So let's take a very brief refresher course in chemistry.

The human body is composed of many different types of cells. Cells are composed of many different types of molecules. Molecules contain electrons. Free radicals are the molecules within our bodies responsible for the progression of aging and deterioration. A free radical is an unstable molecule that is missing an electron. In order to repair itself and become stable, it needs to steal an electron from another molecule. In doing so, this free radical damages the stable molecule and creates another free radical in a vicious chain reaction of cellular destruction.

Free radicals attack us from many different environmental sources every day. Some of which are alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, smoked and barbecued food, harmful chemicals and additives in the foods we eat, UV exposure and pollutants in the air we breathe. These radicals wage war against healthy skin and assault your cells. After the age of 28, the major source of aging is the production of free radicals. When these free radicals start attacking the cells, you can guess what the results are Aging!

With age, the amount of free radicals we produce increases, and herein lies the importance of antioxidants. Studies have shown that antioxidants offer the best protection your skin has against damaging free radicals!

We are attacked by free radicals all day long - 24 hours a day. The good news is that although antioxidants cannot completely stop the aging process all together, they can however work to slow down or minimize the damage caused. In other words - the application of topical antioxidants will make a big difference in the appearance of your skin.

Antioxidants help to:


Destroy the free radicals that damage cells.

Promote the growth of healthy cells.

Protect cells against premature, abnormal aging.

L'Bri's High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Treatment is a powerful antioxidant protectant, packed with an abundance of age-defying ingredients. Of course, as with all our skin care formulations, Aloe is the first ingredient. In addition to potent antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Vitamin C, Night Repair contains a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) fruit blend of wild blueberries, grapefruit, grape seeds, raspberries, raspberry seeds, cranberries, prunes, cherries, wild bilberries and strawberries. In addition we have added anti-aging peptides called palmitoyl-oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 to our facial cocktail. The result is a product that will shield your skin from the daily onslaught of free radicals, stimulate the production of collagen to help firm and strengthen your skin, and neutralize the damage caused by the daily attack of free radicals while your body is at rest.

Night Repair is used at night - in place of the daily moisturizer and is applied over any of our serums such as Dermaplex A, Time Erase and Maxifirm. While you are getting your "beauty sleep," Night Repair Treatment will be at work protecting and repairing the damage done from the day's onslaught of free

Denise says, "I have been using the new Night Repair High Antioxidant treatment serum now for two weeks
and I love it! My skin, which looked pretty good since I've been a L'Bri user now for 5 years, looks even better.
It's like my face took a vacation! I've been telling a woman I work with for years how much I love L'Bri and she too has noticed my "fresher" look and is going to order her L'Bri products today! Thank you for making such fabulous products!"

Liz says, "Well, I have been using the new Night Repair Serum for a month now. It is giving my skin a great feeling and it must be giving it a better look also because in the last two weeks I have had 5 compliments on my skin from:

My doctor......'I find it hard to believe you are 52'
Two nurses .....'what, I thought you were in your early 40's'
My friend ......'wow, you just don't look as old as, I just can't believe it'
My husband....maybe he doesn't count, huh?

So, thanks for the great new Night Repair Serum to go with my long lashes! :) I really love it!"

radicals. Your skin will look fresh, radiant and rested come morning. All skin will benefit tremendously from High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Treatment, however, it will be highly beneficial to those who smoke, are over-exposed to environmental pollutants and those with UV damage. Everyone is concerned about aging and wants to look young as long as possible. For a lifetime of beautiful, younger looking skin L'Bri's New High Anti-Oxidant Night Repair Treatment is the perfect solution.

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