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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kimberly's L'bri testimonial..

Congratulations to Our "Love L'BRI" Testimonial Winners
Our customers love L'BRI!  For beautiful, healthy skin, L'BRI is all you need!  We thank 
the many loyal L'BRI customers who submitted their video and written testimonials.
Congratulations to our two video testimonial winners.  Michelle Ishmael Wright will 
receive $300 in L'BRI products and Susan Arvai will receive $75.

In their videos, Michelle and Susan told of the amazing results they enjoyed by using our L’BRI products.
Of all the written testimonials we received, one stood out among all the others.  We are pleased to award L'BRI products totaling $300 to Kimberly Schneider of Menomonee Falls, WI.

Here is Kimberly's testimonial:
Okay, so are you tired of spending tons of money on EVERY product you see on the commercials, read in the magazines or see on the store shelves?  Only to find, they NEVER do what they say. I got so feed up with this too!  I found if the product did work, it stopped working after a week or so.
Then, one day, while at a friend’s house, I saw a L'BRI magnet she had on her refrigerator. I asked her tons of questions, and she then gave me some samples she had from her previous order. She told me she had been using L'BRI for about two years, and LOVED IT!!
So, I went home and tried the cleanser and moisturizer she had given me. I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful these products felt on my skin. I have very dry, sensitive skin. The first night I used the samples, my flaky skin felt so soft, and didn't feel tight. I LOVED that. The samples lasted about four days, and in those four days I definitely noticed a great improvement in my skin.
My two daughters, age 20 and 21, also noticed and wanted to try the L'BRI products. I called my friend and asked her to place an order for us.  We couldn't wait to get the L'BRI products we purchased.  Which reminds me, the prices are very reasonable. What makes it even better is, once you try L'BRI, you will never buy another skin product.  L'BRI IS DEFINITELY ALL YOU NEED!!! 

It's been about a year now and my daughters and I have no 
reason to buy anything but L'BRI.  We all have very different
 skin types, but L'BRI does exactly what it says for each of us.
 My vanity is not all cluttered with expensive lotions or potions 
that don't do what they say.  All that stuff went in the garbage 
about two2 weeks after my first purchase.  L'BRI IS DEFINITELY 
ALL YOU NEED!!  Your skin will feel healthy again, and have a
 beautiful glow, just like when we were kids.  Well, maybe not
 that far back, but L'BRI has made me look and even feel younger.  
When you have young, beautiful, healthy skin, you feel confident
 and happy.  L'BRI will do this for you, because L'BRI IS DEFINITELY
 ALL YOU'LL EVER NEED!!!  Thank you L'BRI!!!
Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing your positive L'BRI experiences.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Debbie at L'Bri

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