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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Many things to say.

This cardinal and his mate have been banging the windows on my house since the beginning of summer.
We have put bags in the windows, kept the curtains pulled.. Nothing works.

I am so happy that I am starting to loose weight.  I hope that I can stay motived..
It is time to start using tea again, as it is cold... My friend Bea has great teas that
she makes from her garden herbs... They are delicious.

Aloe lotion is keeping my skin from drying out.  I am enjoying feeling soft.
Also, free samples of aloe skincare 7 day supply , postage is only $6.75.

Getting ready for the holidays... Here is a nice craft with peppermint candy.

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Jo's Health Corner said...

That's a nice peppermint candy craft. My children would enjoy making something like that.