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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Describe the last time you and your kids had a laugh attack

Today my kids and I were eating lunch and everyone started acting silly.
My son loves to scare me but I can never get one up on him.
Today I saw a play ant on the floor, carefully picked it up and put it on
his head without him knowing.  A few minutes later he stretched and
it (the ant) fell on the floor. He jumped and everyone laughed. Then
he was in the outer room getting ready to go outside and I was on the other
side of the curtain. He came in to use a chair to get dressed, I was standing there
and he jumped out of his skin. rofl.  I have never been able to scare in in
a long time... He was laughing so hard and so was everyone else.

Tell of the time... you all had a good laugh.

Dare to dream  and laugh


McVal said...

We laugh so much in our house. and well, anywhere... My kids and I can get in giggling fits during church sometimes and the only thing to set it off is maybe singing the wrong line in a hymn by accident... Then it's giggles all the way thru the service. sigh...
I love your story!

Cascia said...

We laugh a lot too. Last week I was sitting at the dinner table with all my kids and decided to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to my baby but I changed all the words and my kids could not stop laughing.