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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do you send out cards... just because?

When is the last time you sent a card to someone just because you wanted them to know that you were thinking of them? When is the last time you sent a cards to say Yahoo... you did it?
When is the last time you wanted to send a card but it was to difficult to get the stamps, paper, cards, etc together?

Do you have a business?  Do you have friends?  Do you know people...?

If so,  check out send out cards... It is so easy to make or pick out a card.... write your note
and send it off without leaving your computer.

Send a card to your favorite someone today.

                                                                   Take care of your winter skin.

1 comment:

McVal said...

I have a card making party once a month. A friend who sells the stuff but not at my parties comes and shows us how to make certain cards. 4 per month. It's so much fun to get together with friends and make them...
I like your sendoutCards too! Very nice!