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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It has been a crazy year.

Friends sick, Friends die...

Kids playing softball,  kids playing volley ball.

Kids doing 4-H projects,

Husband getting more responsibility at work.

I have been cleaning houses all year and homeschooling.

We had a garden this year. It was fun to be in the garden again
seeing as my baby is now 8 years old.

My oldest has a little one that will be 2 in January and is due with baby
number 2 in April.

Life is slowly turning back into fun.

Hoping and praying for a Christmas miracle in my family.

Praying for my son-in-laws to get jobs.

Praying for my husband to get the promotion he has been working for.

Praying for all friends on and off line that God Blesses them in the new year.

Blessed Christmas to you all.

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Mama Hen said...

I wish you a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year filled with abundant blessings! Hang in there about the things that are bringing you stress and worry. I wish you so much happiness!

Mama Hen