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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dehydration of the skin

Why does the skin dehydrate?  Wind, cold, dry house, harsh chemicals, aging skin,

What can you do?  Drink water... your body is a high percentage of water.  All the

above dry out our skin.  Drink water and also, eat your fresh fruits and vegetables.

One way to get moisture into your skin is to use and aloe base skin care and lotion.

What does aloe do?  Aloe is a healing product.  It goes deep into the skin to bring out

impurities, but it also,  pulls moisture deep into your skin.   Using an aloe based product

with aloe as the first ingredient will keep your skin young and erase wrinkle.                  Maxi firm

So keep you skin hydrated and look years younger then you are.

Body perfect set.
The perfect gift for anyone who would love some pampering. Body Perfect Collection includes daily moisturizing 8 oz Hand and Body lotion, L'Bri's silky smooth Body Wash with cleansing net. Packaged in a drawstring satchel bag.
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