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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

L'Bri vs the competition

Ok, everyone stop right now... Go get what you wash your face with at this time.
bring it back to the computer.

ok... are you ready.

What is in your product?  What is the first ingredient?  .......................

With L'Bri products you are not paying to have water shipped to you, our first ingredient
in our products is aloe...

Go here to our company page  and compare your product to ours.  See which you like better.

If you like what you see... go here and try our 10 day free sample.  You only pay 6.75 for
shipping and handling.

I would love to help you with your skin.  This is the only products that I have found that doesn't

irritate my skin.  Hope to talk to you soon.

Don't forget to enter the March drawing.  You could win a free pure size  hand and body lotion.

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