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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I will be having a March drawing.

Anyone who goes to my L'Bri site before March30th and orders $60 in product with get
free shipping and will be put into a drawing for a free purse size hand and body lotion.
Drawing will be March 31st.

Anyone who orders a free 10 days sample skincare set and answers a questionnaire
will be put in a drawing for a free purse size hand and body lotion.  Drawing will be
April 15. This will give you time to order the sample and use it for 10 days.

When you place an order for $60 and order the 10 day sample, you will be placed in
both drawings.


Genny said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your sweet comments!

Show Me Mama said...

Hi, it was nice of you to visit my blog. Have a great weekend ok. I will be browsing your site some more.

I'm a Mom said...

I was laid off a little over a year now, and I can't find a job that pays as much as unemployment! Any help you can give me working from home would be terrific! But skin care...I'm not sure people can afford anymore. But let me know!

Thanks for the follow. I am following you back from What's a Mom to Do?


sweetpea08 said...

Thanks for following me, I'm now following you!

parenting ad absurdum said...

Looking forward to browsing your site, thanks for your thoughtful comments on mine; you are great!