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Monday, January 24, 2011

Who are the 2 most important people that influenced your life?

For me I believe that it was two of my grandfathers.

The one grandfather, on my mothers side, was having dinner with us for a couple of 
weeks one summer. My grandmother was in California helping my aunt with a knew 
baby.  One day while my Grandfather was there my dad asked to see my report card 
that I had gotten that day.  I was crying because I got a D in History.   My grandfather
took me in his arms and told me it was ok. He knew that I did my best and that he
still loved me.

My other grandfather, on my dad's side,  was always happy.  He loved seeing people
and told us if ever we needed help with anything , to ask.  He would save newspapers
and cans for our 4-H found raisers.  He would buy pizzas.  Most of all he loved us and 
would help anyone.  

My grandfathers showed love all the time.  

Who influence you the most?  Why?


McVal said...

That's sweet! I guess my maternal Grandmother and my dad.

Becky Jane said...

It's hard to say, because I've had so many people influence me from my grandparents, parents, kids, and so on.
I do remember that my maternal grandfather took the time to show and explain how a mud dobber made it's nest. I only got to see him once every 2 years. He made me feel special.