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Friday, June 4, 2010

Blessing for the week.

God has blessed me.

My husband gave up coke about a month ago and he is much nicer to be around.
I didn't know having a coke (soda) addiction could make someone crabby.

My garden is growing wonderfully and my kids are having fun growing there own little plots too.

The sun was a cool 60 degrees to day so it made it a very comfortable day. My kids had fun outside.

God is showing many people that L'Bri pure and natural is aloe is wonderful for their skin and they don't want to use anything else on their skin.

My debit card number got stolen and it gave me a chance to pray for patience and pray for all the
people causing fraud to be converted.  I am also, praying for those other  people who are in
my shoes as the banker said that fraud has gone up alot in the last 6 months.

And the last one for today. My daughter that come home crabby most days was very happy when she

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Deana said...

Sounds like all in all things are going pretty great! Nice to be blessed:) That coke is nasty, good for your hubby!