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Friday, June 4, 2010

My love of natural products have made me healthier.

I love eating fresh fruit and veggies.  Eating fresh food has taken away headaches that I have had years ago.
Eating pineapple has taken down swelling many times.  Have you had an accident or eaten salty foods and you are puffy?  Eating pineapple will take down the swelling.  Having puffy eyes using our eye repair gel from the refrigerator feels grate and takes down puffiness.

Last week, when we were working in the garden and got into something that made my arms and hands swell up. Using  the pineapple juice to take the swelling down internally, also, using the aloe jelly external helped to take the swelling down.   A week later I can wear my wedding ring again.

So take care of your self with natural food and products inside and out...

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LV said...

Thank you for the information on swelling. My left foot and leg swell really bad. The doctor says it due to my blood pressure medicine. I will get some pineapple and try to get relief.

Kasey said...

I never knew that about pineapple. I wish I knew that when I was pregnant!