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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Both of my older daughters went home today...

My girls went home today after spending almost 2weeks with us.  I enjoyed their company as well as
having time with my 5 1/2 month old grand daughter... when did my girls grow up? Yesterday they they were
just babies themselves.  We all had an enjoyable time.

I cried when they left... We will not see each other until September.

Later today the younger  kids had a 4-H baseball game and they won 3-0... My son pitched most of the game.
Everyone was so excited to win..........

Tomorrow I have to go get my drivers license renewed seeing as my birthday is on Tuesday.  I just keep forgetting to do it.  I just hope that I don't have to sit waiting in line all day.

When I get home I get to clean the house and talk to customers again...
I hope everyone's summer is going well... Missed writing and will get back to talking to you all.

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McVal said...

Happy Birthday! There is a 4H baseball game? We sometimes have 4H dodge ball tournaments, but no baseball yet. Great idea!