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Monday, November 30, 2009

I ask my teenage daughter what she liked about L'Bri

Me: Why do you like L'Bri?
Daughter: I like the enzyme peel because it take all the dead skin off-- it dries up pimples
Me: What would you tell other people about L'Bri
Daughter:   I would tell them that they are not paying for water. I would, also, tell them that the hand and body lotion doesn't have added scents and so it will not give     you a headache.  Boys even like the lotion because it is a natural scent. IF you swim, you need to put the hand and body lotion on right away and the itchiness from being in the chlorinated water will go away. I use the scrub in the shower to make the oiliness of my skin go away.
          oh and don't forget the shampoo-- it takes out grease or anything else you get into.

           the conditioner takes away the fuzzies (fly away hair)

Me: Thank you..

I took this daughter to a craft fair with me and she was talking to the customers and telling them all these things she told me to night.  She loves all the L'Bri products.


BeaK. said...

Good Morning Debbie,

You scored two major feats ith blogging and one with knowing that you are teaching your daughter good skin care.

Ditto for you!

Happy day...I'm off to to the garage for check up on my Jeep.

Bea Kunz

Prosper and Be In Health said...


That is great that your daughter loves the products and shares it with others. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

God's b;lessings to you all,