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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Writing about a dream....

The day you assigned this post, I woke just after a dream. I don't usually remember my dreams but it was kind of silly yet, I think positive.

I am working a L'Bri skin care business. I love the aloe that is healing and taking care of my skin. So in this dream I had, I washed my face 3 times that day instead of the customary 2 times.
What was funny,  that day, is that I was at Mass, and in the middle of the service I decided to put on the cleanser. I didn't have any water to wash it off.

I don't really make to much of my dreams, but I think this dream means that I really like the product and want other people to know about it.

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Prosper and Be In Health said...


I believe God speaks to us in many different ways, even our dreams.

And I love the way He brings certain things (products) into our lives for our good and to share with others what they have done for us.

Blessings to you,