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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are my goals for my blog?

What are your goals for your blog?  My goal for my blogs is to inform the people in the US about healthy skin care.
I want people to only put healthy herbs and botanicals on their skin, so they can have healthy glowing skin.
I would like to grow a large costumer base and share the business with others.

How has is changed or remained the same?  It has changed as I have worked a retail job for the last 3 years.  I have noticed what I like and didn't like about the owners.  I have noticed how customers react over some of the rules of the store.  I have also,noticed what kind of customers are worth fighting for and what customers will never be happy over anything you do for them.  With these thoughts in mind, I know how I want to treat my customers at this time.

Take a moment to list out those goals any way you wish.

My goal is to have 120 in my customer base by April and have 4 consultants for working with me by the same time.

I would like to be doing at least 2 pampering session .

I would like to be doing 2 coffee time a month.

I would like to be doing 1 to 2 shows a month.

I want to teach on my blog about the herbs and botanicals in my products -- so people can learn about natural healing  properties of God's plants.

What do you notice?  I need to be focused and make time for this business so I can help people have healthy  skin and that my business will grow.

Grow like a butter fly......


BeaK. said...

Hi Debbie,

You I'm offering my suggestion.

Change the thought pattern and the words you use pertaining to your business goals.

You said: I would like to...
I would like to...
I would like to...

Change that to, I will complete 2 coffee times within the week, etc.

Also I suggest aiming for one goal at a time.

It takes time to build a business and if you expect too much too soon from yourself you will become discouraged when you don't meet those expectaions.

I wish you the best, and I know that you will succeed if you are determined to do so.

Bea Kunz

Prosper and Be In Health said...

Great goals. And yes, what we put on our skin absorbs into our blood stream. Natural is so much better for us. God has supplied all we need that is for sure through His creation.

God bless you,

Debbie's L'Bri said...

Thank you Bea. Good suggestion. I need to take baby steps and keep going. Thanks.

organicsyes said...

PS your blog is really taking on a lovely form!

organicsyes said...

Hi Debbie,
Wonderful to learn from other people in your world...watching how business works.

Also, to have an amazing and focused business woman like Bea to support your goals!

Best wishes as you move forward!