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Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Skin Care Products Sidebar
Jan. 30, 2007


Debbie Hegeman


Before buying skin care products,
read the labels, study ingredients

When it comes to skin care products, consumers should read the label before purchasing, advise Linda and Brian Kaminski, co-founders of L’Bri Pure n’ Natural, a national marketer of aloe-based skin care, nutritional, and beauty products.

“People read the labels of the foods they eat; we want them to read the labels of what they put on their skin,” says Linda Kaminski.  “Educating consumers about heavy oils, potentially harmful chemicals, artificial coloring, and manufactured fragrances found in many skin care products is best for everyone in the long-term.”

“We’re very passionate that products perform and do what they promise,” Brian says.  “In general, as an industry, skin care and cosmetics sell a lot on fluff and pretty looks, sweet scents, and attractive models.  Consumers see the advertising and purchase products without realizing the products may contain pore-clogging waxes, drying alcohols, heavy oils, and potentially harmful preservatives.” 

The first item listed on a label is the product’s primary ingredient, he says.  For example, many skin care products list water as the primary ingredient.  Explains Brian Kaminski, “Water is okay, but aloe vera is better.  I think everyone would agree, especially anyone who has tried it, that aloe vera is better for your skin than water.  For this reason, we suggest looking for skin care products that list aloe vera rather than water as the basic ingredient.”
According to Brian and his wife, Linda, aloe vera contains 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds, 20 essential minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins.  Nicknamed the “burn plant,” aloe vera has been the subject of numerous scientific inquiries and has been used as a healing agent for thousands of years.

Customers of L’Bri Pure n’ Natural products tend to be intensely loyal to the L’Bri brand because the company’s skin care products use aloe vera as the basic ingredient rather than water.  “At L’Bri, we talk about educating consumers so they can judge for themselves what is better for them,” Linda explains.  “Which is better?  Aloe or water?  Which would you prefer, a water-based product or a skin care product that uses aloe as the primary ingedient?”

Adds Brian, “An educated customer will purchase the best products for themselves and their family.  When considering a skin care product, we want people to read the label before admiring the attractive bottle and enjoying the scent.  Does the product contain water, mineral oil, artificial coloring, and beeswax, or do the ingredients promote skin health?”

In addition to aloe vera, L’Bri Pure n’ Natural skin care products contain select natural vitamins, herbs, sea plants, and botanicals formulated to heal, nurture, and rejuvenate the skin.  The company’s formulations rely on coneflower, Japanese green tea, passion flower, ginseng, and a variety of other botanicals.

“Before investing in a skin care product, study the label and learn about the ingredients,” suggests Linda Kaminski.  “Look for ingredients that are safe, effective, and healthy for your skin.”

Founded in 1998, L’Bri Pure n’ Natural markets skin care, nutritional, and beauty products from its offices in Mukwonago, Wisconsin through a national network of several thousand independent sales consultants. 

The company offers a selection of free samples of its most popular products, asking the consumer pay $4.50 for shipping and handling.  Samples include a cleanser, freshener, and moisturizer packaged as the Customized Skin Care Trio, Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel, Facial Masque, Rejuvenating Enzyme Facial Peel, and the L’Bri Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion.  Free samples may be requested at the company’s website,  To learn more about L’Bri Pure n’ Natural, visit their website at Debbie's L'Bri site

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