By Doug Firebaugh
“The Real Secret of a Successful New Year’s Resolution lies within the word itself……”
Have you ever made New Year’s resolutions and they did not make it past January? (Don’t Lie!) Ever tell someone that you were going to make this the year that you changed your life, and then come January 20th, you have fallen back into the same life pattern that you have been struggling with and it steal your Success?
Ever made a Success resolution to work out every week? You “decided” that you were going to get up and work out, and finally get that body you have always wanted? You were telling everyone that this was the year, and this was the time that they were going to see a new you and you were going to create Success doing it!
Uh huh. I have been there. And I ended up looking quite foolish, until I decided just to start it, and not worry about talking about it. Then you will start to see some changes in your physique!
How about to lose weight?
Ever talk to folks and tell them that you were going to lose the weight you want this year, and you were going to become a lean, mean, weight losing machine? And then after 30 days, you were back eating twinkies?
Yep. Got that one.
Here’s one — to quit smoking! I know so many folks that have promised themselves that they were going to quit smoking! This is the year! I will be smoke free!
Good idea!
Success Intentions.
Most of the New year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions, but most fail miserably. They really never get out of the starting blocks to obtain Success. All the words were nice, but there was no real sustained effort in the change process for Success.
Lack of proper focus in the word itself.
Actually, the word resolution has a very different meaning if you look at the word itself.
To me, it carries a little different meaning, if you use a little different perspective and view of the word. Many times, changing how you view something is the “shift” that you need to create Success with something.
I like the word “Re-Solution.”
In other words, if you make a resolution to change something, you are actually “re-solutioning” it with a different solution. Most people don’t do that. They are trying to use the same old solution to a problem that did not work before.
“Re” means to repeat. So you are repeating the attempt, to create a new success solution, to solve an old problem .
But doesn’t work. If it did, you would not have to be attempting the same new year’s resolution as last year, and the year before.
THE Success Solution.
Here’s an idea:
Don’t make a resolution, but a REAL Solution!
And if you make a REAL Solution, that will cause a DISSOLUTION to your problem.
(Dissolves that challenge!)
Ok. How? Simple.
1) What is it you want to change? Write it down.
2) How bad to you want to change it? (Deciding factor!)
3) How will that improve your life? (List them..)
4) What is the very first thing you need to do to start the change process? Do it.
5) What’s the second? Do it.
6) What’ s the third? Do it.
7) What’s after that? Continue to do it till done..
Now, you are making a REAL solution to your life, not some wimpy, whiny, weak, wasted, willowy, wishy- washy, won’t work, waste of time, woe is me, featherweight promise you know you won’t keep!
If you look at the word “resolution” for what it really is, and change your mindset to a “REAL solution”..
You can change your whole life in a day, as well as the Achievement and Success in your life.