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Saturday, December 12, 2009

What have I learned in the last few weeks?

I have learned that I will have to work my business differently in the winter as to any other time of the year. I have trouble with night blindness and also, I don't like driving in snow and bad weather.  So to over come these obstacles I am looking into marketing my L'Bri business online in the winter and and in person the other times of the year. I have found someone who will help me get my business across the internet and help me with marketing. I need to figure out if I have the time to make it work.  They are honest in saying that it will take 3-5 hours a day to get it going.  One of the tools is a blog... I need to check into it more. I like working with people one on one, but it not realistic for me to enjoy my business and be out when the weather is bad.  I need to pray on this one and talk to my husband on this idea.  Can you tell me what you see as a pro and con for working online and in person?  Have a L'Bri winter. :)

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organicsyes said...

Clear and concise plan:)
Great to see your thoughts on your buisness, Debbie! Will think on it and give you some thoughts from my perspective.