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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anniversary Month

May 14th is my 27th Wedding Anniversary.
May is also the month that I started using L'Bri Pure and Natural 6 years ago for the
first time.
So to celebrate my two Anniversaries I will give away 2 -10 day samples.  Winner will be
picked on May 31st.

On my blog you will need to post.
 1) What you like most about your skin.
2) what you least like about your skin
3) tell me what most intrigues you about L'Bri
4) Why you want to win...

Looking forward to sharing L'Bri with 2 lucky winners.

IF you are in a hurry, you can order a sample today. The cost is only $6.75 for shipping the sample is free.


Janel said...

I just found your blog through Marci @6 hands 2 hold. Well, I like that my skin is I guess "normal"...not oily or dry. I don't like the fact that I have Rosacea for the past 4 years. I'm always on the lookout for a new face cream/lotion that I can use with my skin condition so when I noticed that you had this on your blog, I knew I needed to write. I would like to win because (see previous answer)...I am always looking for something better than I have already tried with my Rosacea. For several years, I used a skin brightening cream from Aveeno, but they have discontinued it and I have not found anything that I like as of yet.

Thank you,
Janel Tenerelli
Jamesburg, NJ

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. Ok here's my answers for the giveaway:
1) Um there's not much I like about my skin, lol. I guess the fact that it's not too dry or too oily so I usually don't break out too often.
2) Like least would be the dark spots & large pores.
3) I've never actually tried L'Bri & don't know much about it so this would be cool to check out some of the products.
4) see question #3, lol... and who doesn't like freebies! :D

Julia said...

I like the color of my skin, but I don't like that I break out so easily, especially in the summer time.

and my hands... are awful!! very dry and calloused. don't take good care of them.

i'm interested in the L'Bri products b/c of the aloe and all natural ingredients.

would love to win to see how it can improve my skin.

Jenny said...

1. What do I like? Hmmm. I have pretty even skin tone, I guess.

2. what I don't like? It tends to be prone to breakouts... but it's dry.

3. The aloe base.

4. I love to try new skincare products!

Hannah Thompson said...

1.I like that I do not break out very easily-even though I have sensitive skin

2. I dislike how my cheeks always look pink to reddish :)

3.I love Aloe- such a wonderful ingredient straight from nature!

4. I don't use any skin care products regularly. I would love to find something I really did like so I could start!

MessyMissy said...

1. I like having fair skin. I think it's a very lovely, delicate look.
2. I really don't like the larger pores on my nose and chin. :(
3. I am intrigued by the quality of the product. It sounds like some GREAT pampering!!
4. I would love to win and get a chance to try and new high quality product that could improve my skin!!

Supermomplace said...

WOW Congratulation on those 27 years! (when you have time tell me how did u do it *wink*)
I like when my skin looks fresh and smooth, I hate the greasy around my nose

Gigi said...

1. Even skin tone.
2. Dry skin, still have some breakouts, sensitive skin and I'm fair.
3. Natural ingredients.
4. I want the best for my skin.

Hope I win! :)

georgianaowens at ymail dot com

Mom of Many said...

Happy belated Anniversary Ms. Debbie!

What I like most about my skin is it looks young. Most people think I'm 16-18 and I'm 33, so that's great. What I don't like about my skin is the dry patches I often get around my nose. What intrigues me most about L'Bri is the natural ingredients!! I want to win because I would LOVE to try some L'Bri products and see how they work on me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Debbie!!
I like the smoothness in my skin. I am one of those people who have never had to experience acne or pimples. My secret is no soap and cold water. Not sure if that has anything to do with it..I am blessed with good genes.
What I least like about my skin is these age spots on the sides of my face. I am not sure if they are related to my pregnancy but dont like seeing them.
What I like about L'Bri is the natural ingredients. I am a firm believer of using nothing but natural products on your body.
I want to win because I never win...LOL!!! I also would like to try the products myself so that I can start to take care of myself as the age clock ticks...
Thanks for the opportunity!
4) Why you want to win...

beachbaby said...

I found your blog from MBC... great site,when you get a chance cold you follow me back?

Michelle said...

1) I guess that it takes makeup well
2) I have rosecea and it sucks
3) I like how the website helps you decide what skin type you are.
4) I've been on the hunt for good skin care for about a year. Have not found anything that works for me.

Lesa Antone said...

1. Even though they are not "popular", I love my freckles! I figure it's better than age spots!!

2. I have lines around my eyes AND pimples on my chin!? How is that fair???

3. I love that it is all-natural. I am a product-whore, but I prefer to use natural products, rather than a chemical concoction on my skin!!

4. I want to win because, as I stated, I am a product-whore. While I currently use a lot of Philosophy & Korres products, I have not found a "complete" line that will address all my changing skincare needs.

5. (yeah, I added this one...) I am a member of MBC and would really appreciate if you would follow me back. I am also a small biz owner working with Scent-Sations, which creates all-natural, eco-friendly gourmet candles!! =)