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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes, I love plants. Why should you want them in your house?

Why would a person want plants in their house? - By: Debbie Hegeman
There are many reasons people would want plants in the house.
I will tell you 4 reasons.

1. Plants bring happiness to people. They bring the out of doors into the house. When a loved one brings you a plant for a special occasion or when in the hospital, it makes that person smile. Whenever the person looks at the plant they are remind of that persons kindness. Plants bring happiness.

2. Plants bring beauty into your home. They are many shapes, sizes and colors for any personality type. There are tree shape, bush shape and flowering plants. There are plants for any decor.

3. Some people like to grow herbs in their home for making their dinners, breads etc. Basil, Parsley and a few other herbs are easy to bring in the house every winter to have fresh all winter long. The smell peppermint is very refreshing and also, makes great tea. Aloe plants make a great salve for Kitchen burns. People that are adventurous sometimes grow tomatoes or potatoes in big garbage cans. There are many plants that can be used for cooking.

4. The fourth and most important reason I feel people should have plants in there homes is they put oxygen back into you home. As you sleep at night, especially, with the bedroom door shut, you use the oxygen and then you breath in carbon dioxide the rest of the night. If you wake up sluggish in the morning or with a headache --- carbon dioxide is the problem. Aloe and Peace Lilies work well at night. There are a few other plants that are great for bedrooms. With a little research, you will find the best night plant for you.

You can see that 4 of the main reasons to have plants in your home are—1. to bring happiness, 2. beauty, 3. for cooking 4. to bring oxygen back into your home. Do a little research and will soon have plants in your home for your personality and your health.

Debbie Hegeman is the wife of Dan for 27 years and mother of 9. (Five kids still at home, and Grandma to 1 granddaughter)  I enjoy  using aloe based skin care, it makes my skin feel great. L'Bri pure and natural

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Gigi said...

Great Post! I'm a plant lover too. Found you from a comment you left on another blog. Would love if you stopped by mine and followed back. :)

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