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Monday, May 10, 2010

What isn't natural, isn't in L'Bri Pure and Natural

We don't have

waxes or petrolatum that clog  pores

drying alcohols or harsh detergents (SLSs) that dehydrate the skin

glycols that cause the  skin to lose its contour

synthetic fragrances

artificial coloring dyes

Knowing what to avoid is a powerful tool. Take a look at the list of skin care
ingredients on your skin care.

Things to avoid
Mineral oil, waxes, petrolatum, acetone, propolyene glycol, alcohol, FD&C,
sodium lauryl sulfate
IF you have any questions, on any of the above,
email me at returntoplants at yahoo dot com


debi9kids said...

I will have to really look at your website. I LOVE the idea of using natural products for everything :)

Jo's Health Corner said...

Hi Debbie,
I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful! L'Bri sure has good ingredients..