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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aloe Barbedensis

Aloe Barbedensis is the most effective aloe to use for human consumption and for external healing properties. Aloe barbedensis is a pharmaceutical grade aloe. Aloe let the healing properties of L’Bri products to penetrate the skin.  Aloe, also, let’s moisture penetrate the skin for moisturizing.

Aloe helps the skin heal it self and rejuvenates itself in record speed.  Watch a burn heal with out aloe and then with aloe.  Aloe in many cases will heal the skin without scaring.

Aloe helps moisturize the skin by sucking in the water and moisture from the air. It will keep the moisture in our skin so it will not dry out. When you use aloe gel and L’Bri skincare products, you skin will have the wonder benefits of aloe for your skin

When you wash your skin, you will notice that it takes a while for the water to seep in. Some people more then others. We would tell my son that he was a duck (jokingly) because it took a lot of rubbing for water to absorb into his hair. Using L’Bri skincare products the aloe is water loving and will help the water absorb more quickly.

Other products, use harsh abrasives to bring water to us and at the same time it strips our skin of it protective coating and over stimulates our cells.  Then we get over active oil glands. 

Other companies use aloe to, the difference with our aloe is we use Aloe Barbendenis Miller and we only use the hand picked, hand filleted parts of the plant. Go here for our story.


Lydia A. said...

What a helpful ingredient, I need to get some products with Aloe Barbendenis in them! I didn't realize other products strip the skin of its protective coating.

Lindsey said...

I knew that other products were harsh, but thought that they were keeping me from having overactive oil glands, not causing it! Thank you for sharing so much about aloe - I've known from a child it was a miracle plant (my grandma kept a plant on her windowsill), but didn't know it could help my skin like this.