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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My face feels wonderful....!!!

We have a had a new product for a little bit now and I just tried it last week.   This product protects

and repairs your skin at night.  Love the way your skin feels and how soft it is. 

We are very proud and excited to introduce to you our next innovative anti-aging product - designed to put the brakes on the aging process. Our new Night Repair High Antioxidant Serum. After years of research and development we have perfected an incredible serum that is packed full of anti-oxidants to help break the cycle of free radical damage which attack our cells on a daily basis. Night Repair is used at night - in place of the daily moisturizer and is applied over any of our other serums such as Dermaplex A, Time Erase and Maxifirm. While you are getting your "beauty sleep," Night Repair Serum will be at work protecting and repairing the damage done from the day's onslaught of free radicals.

I talked to my cousin on Saturday and she loves the night repair as well.  Give it a try... 


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blueviolet said...

It sounds very nice, Debbie!