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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can I tell you what happens when you use L'Bri

When using Aloe based skincare, people will notice a change in your skin, you will notice a change in your skin.

I know 2 ladies that smoke and have used L'Bri pure and natural skincare for 6 years. I had not seen them for about 4 years and.... I was just amazed. Their  skin was very soft, not leathery like most peoples skin who smoke.

I have talked with ladies who have used the sample for 5 to 10 days and their husbands have noticed that they were doing something different with their skin... and the husbands like it.  Their skin has become so soft even an unobservant husband  notices the difference.

Even children notice,  I started using L'Bri Pure and Natural 5 years ago.  My son, at the time was 7,  asked my if I got a new face.  I asked him why...  He said that my skin looked different. I wish that I had a before and after picture but I don't. 

I challenge you to take the 10 day sample challenge. If you see a difference, which I am sure you will,  come back to my blog and put in your testimony   I can, also, put in a plug for your blog...

L'Bri pure and natural is aloe based skincare.  Aloe heals, and moisturizes the skin...  Try a 10 day sample today.  The sample is free ... you only pay $6.75 for shipping.


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LittlePeopleWealth said...

That sounds amazing! I am so bad at keeping a skincare routine. I start out okay, but I never make it more than a week - it just becomes the last thing I think about :( Thanks for visiting my blog!